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The Truth about how to Take FABULOUS Measurements!

So, you’re starting your fitness transformation journey with Fit, Fyne and Fabulous, ey??  Well, taking accurate measurements is the key to measuring your success!!!  Let’s speak on it ladies!!

What you will need:  a measuring tape, smartphone or camera with timer if possible and a binder clip.

Measure these areas:

Chest  – under boobs (see below)


Arms – (Right and Left) – take it halfway between elbow and shoulder

Waist – take at the belly button

Hips – include the booty

Thighs – (Right and Left) – take halfway between your crotch and your knee.

The binder clip holds the measuring tape in place while you snap the pictures.

Right thigh A timer on your smartphone makes it easier to a full body photo.

When recording your measurements on your worksheet enter decimals not fractions.   For example 33.5 instead of 33 1/2.

Measurements are due on Saturdays at 12:00 pm EST.

As you progress through the next 4 weeks it’s going to be exciting to see the changes in your measurements.

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