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Commit to be Fit: Men’s Only FLEX Fitness Challenge!!!


———Commit to be Fit———

Join us in our quest to end the trend of obesity!  We are here to help men shed pounds, lose inches, and get fit!  This, my friends, is our ministry!! We look forward to helping you too!!  Here’s what you get when you join us:

  1. virtual partner to help motivate you!  You become a fitness team!
  2. Weekly prizes award to the team who loses the most weight and inches!
  3. virtual encourager who monitors your daily progress, and is available to answer any fitness related questions!
  4. An online fitness diary, where you post pictures after each workout (we call a post workout picture, BLING!!)
  5. FB chat available 24/7 with over 20 coaches who send daily motivation by way of prayer, songs, heartfelt words of encouragement, pictures, etc.)!
  6. FIT POT– money that is set aside for 4 weeks; until the challenge ends.  The gentleman who loses the most weight and inches wins the entire pot.  The largest financial prize we have awarded is $1200 through our sister group Fit Fyne & Fabulous!!

We pull out all the stops to help the fellas accomplish their goals!!!!! Did we mention our virtual challenges are FREE!!!! If you are committed to getting fit, then our coaches are committed to making sure you GET FIT enough to FLEX!!!! Join us!

Click the link below to join:

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  • So exciting!!!! The men of FLEX are on it!!

  • gigimcneill says:

    Let’s Get it fellas!!! The ladies are doing an amazing job with these challenges. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes!!!

  • tynica50 says:

    You Guys are working these programs……Flex on with your bad selves!!!!

  • Patrick J. Oliver says:

    The Flex Challenge has helped me in ways that I could not imagine or anticipate. I lost 21 pounds and 8 inches and 5 weeks! I truly didn’t think I could be successful at another attempt to take control of my physical fitness and dieting — the Flex Challenge has provided me a structure of support and motivation that both enables & empowers me to focus and to get it in!!!

    Come on and join the lifestyle challenge! Success is your name!

  • msknights27 says:

    Wow!!! These results are amazing! I can’t wait to see the transformations that come from this challenge! FLEX it fellas!!!

  • juhagler says:

    So excited for you guys and how you taking control of your health and fitness