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12 Days of MEAL Prep-mas: DAY 12 – INSPIRATION NATION

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Welcome back to INSPIRATION NATION where we will share a specific motivational word for you each day!


One of the ways We Inspire You is by Awarding PRIZES!!


“How Do I Win a Weekly Prize?”

Weekly prizes are awarded to a diva team  in our 30 day challenges.  Each diva who joins our challenge is assigned a partner.  Each partner is required to submit STATs every STATurday.

The total inches, total pounds, and % of body weight loss are all calcluated for each team each week as a part of the program.  Yes, we track your results for you.

We use your % of Body Weight loss and add it to your total inches loss and create what we call your FIT SCORE.  The team with the highest combined Fit score for the previous 7 dayswins that week!  

However, during our final week we award a prize to 1 diva only.  She is the diva who has the highest FIT SCORE for the entire challenge (not just for the previous week)

Today, we want to announce the winner from our last 30 day challenge!  
She lost 12 pounds and 12 inches in 21 days.  


Angela Hester is our 30 Day Meal Prep challenge winner!! She won a BRAND NEW 12 piece SET OF RACHEL RAY cookware!!!!!

Please join us in congratulating Angela Hester
on her consistency, and drive to change her body



Our next full 30 day meal prep challenge starts Jan. 2nd. The last day to register is Dec. 19th. Please visit our programs page here on this site if you wish to join us for full support! (click here to learn more)  or leave a comment below.

If you haven’t already, Join this FREE “12 Day Meal Prep-mas” Challenge diva, you will be glad you did!! 

Live fab this holiday,
Nicole “Coach Twy” Twyman
“Who Says Fitness Can’t be Fabulous?”

You can reach out to me here:
Twitter: @fitfynefabulous
Instagram: @fit_fyne_fab
Facebook: Nicole “Coach Twy” Dyer-Twyman
Private Diva Group: Fit, Fyne & Fabulous Divas

P.S.:  If you would like to learn more about our full 30 day meal prep challenge offerings, please visit: 30 Day Meal Prep Support

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  • Angela Wallace Hester says:

    OMG!!! I won something!!! I am honored! This program has done so much for me, it is unbelievable! I am so grateful to you all for the support, inspiration and family! I have hypothyroidism which makes it harder for me to lose weight, however, with this program i have been able to shed the weight! How awesome is that?! Thanks again!

    • Liz Prince says:

      Congratulations Phenomenal Diva! You are working it and I am so glad you are apart of my team! WOOHOO!

    • Nornette Jacobs says:

      Congratulations Angela!!!🙌🏽👏🏽👍🏽 So, so very happy for you and the strides you’re making and will continue to make! Rock, Rock, Rock On Diva!!!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • Beverly C says:

    Congratulations Angela!

  • Zakia says:

    Congratulations Angela! Continue to push through your health journey. Awesome results!

  • Delo512 says:

    Congratulations Angela!!!!

  • Jada pettaway says:


  • Danielle Irving says:

    Congratulations Angela! I have an aunt with the same diagnosis so I understand the implications it can have on your weight loss efforts! Keep on going!

  • Ruth says:

    Congratulations Angela. You inspire us all to keep moving forward.

  • Blessed Terri says:

    Good Morning Diva Angela! so proud of you!! You go girl Happy New Year!